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From 3D Product Design 1

What will happen when a product is designed by letting its form takes control of function? A pestle called Tutu was designed in this project, starting from an abstract composition that contains three volumes, one plane, and one line.

Tutu: Services

Here is the starting point of this project. This composition contains one line, one volume, one fragmented volume, and one fragment. It appears in a static condition due to a lack of directional forces.

Tutu: Welcome

Then the composition was rearranged to show more dynamic. Sketches were made based on the altered composition, to explore different ways to interact with it.

Tutu: Welcome
Tutu: 圖片

Because the column goes through the middle of the whole composition, it is suggesting that the other two volumes are rotating around it. Based on that, the composition was developed into a pestle. Most of the elements were kept, and a half-sphere was added to better realize the function. The plane turned into a handguard, and the line developed into a friction-increase texture.

Tutu: Welcome
Tutu: Quote

More sketches and a new model was made based to further explore its form. Although the bigger sphere makes the form more dramatic, it breaks the balance by narrowing the contrast between dominate volume and sub-dominate volume.

Tutu: Welcome

The final design is a pestle called Tutu and it is made of marble and stainless steel. It comes with an additional base made of stainless steel.

Tutu: Welcome
Tutu: Work
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