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3D product design

Product Design

This is an ongoing project. Before famous designers' chairs became design symbols, they were all designs for utility to bring comfort to people's lives. Has the design industry gone so far that it worships famous designers more than people's need?

3DPD2: Project

This project starts with a visit to the museum of modern art. In a room I saw a famous chair by Charlotte Perriand, in the middle of the room next to some artistic sculpture. Then I enter the next room, which also has a chair in the middle, but this time people are sitting on it. Seeing the two chairs really makes me ask, what’s the difference between this two chair that makes one exhibit to protect and the other a product to use. The initial purpose of the lounge chair by Charlotte Perriand is to provide people comfort but over years it has turn into a design symbol and people are forgetting its purpose. Now to most people, the one difference significant enough to divide this two chair into exhibit and product is that the first chair is designed by a famous designer.

3DPD2: Text

To address my question, I decided to make a set of tools inspired by famous designer chairs. Starting with the Wassily chair.

3DPD2: About


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3DPD2: Image

Sketch Models

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3DPD2: Pro Gallery

Next Steps

I'm currently planning a heist to steal the Wassily chair from MoMA and convert it to my final model.

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