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precious plastic case study

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Precious plastic is an organization aimed at solving the plastic problem by forming an active community. There are five touchpoint in this community in total.

  • Precious Plastic members are the ones who fuel the recycling network by helping with plastic collection, spreading the word, purchasing recycled plastic products and supporting in other ways.

  • Collection Points gather plastic from neighbours, organisations and businesses to be processed by local Shredder Workspaces.

  • A Precious Plastic workspace is where plastic gets transformed from waste into valuable raw materials or products. There are five different workspaces: Shredder, Extrusion, Sheetpress, Injection and Mix.

  • Machine Shops produce and build parts, machines and moulds for others in the local recycling network.

  • Community Points connect and grow the local recycling network. Strengthening the existing community while involving in more and more people.

​Instead of building a large global community, they start to build individual networks with touchpoint close to each other, to save energy from transportation. And in this way individuals can also build their precious plastic networks in their local area and in that way to create an alternative global recycling system. Because they believe people is the key to the plastic problem we are facing. Their approaches count on people to bring about the necessary change. Small steps, multiplied by millions. To get more people to participate, instead of patent every recycling machine they designed, they choose to open source all their resources and put a step-by-step guide on their website to help people building their recycling network.

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One-third of the food we produced is wasted, and a large percentage is lost in the food delivery industry. Many restaurants prepare foods in advance to make sure a fast delivery, but that also leads to more spare food.

Delibury is a platform that tries to save those spare foods that are not ready to die yet, it work with the restaurant and customer to solve the food waste problem together.

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