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Product Designer

I’ve been working at OneMarket Inc. since September 2022 as a product designer. OneMarket aims to empower small boutiques by building an easy and accessible e-commerce solution. The ultimate goal is to lower the bar of selling and make e-commerce more inclusive.

At One Market, I successfully initiated the UX redesign of Via.Market, transitioning the platform from social commerce market to tools for social sellers, aligning user experience with business goal. I also played a key role in developing Via.Chat, an app enabling merchants to establish group chats with customers.

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One Market is undergoing a transition, shifting from constructing a platform for local sellers to sell their products online to offering services for e-commerce boutiques that utilize Facebook or other social platforms as their primary sales channels. Additionally, we have observed that, in comparison to other e-commerce sites, our users experience a higher drop-off rate while navigating through the checkout flow.

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1. understand the users' needs


I conducted competitive analyses, engaging with various players in the e-commerce and social-commerce sectors such as Shopify, Wahool, Spring, and Boutir. Based on my findings, I've outlined key areas of emphasis for the redesign: 


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I was also able to connect with several development partners who operate their own online boutiques, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of their business operations and needs. After conducting over 10 interviews, I successfully painted a clearer picture of our user demographics. This allowed me to craft a comprehensive journey map and establish two personas, effectively aligning the entire team.

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2. transform research into strategy 

Problem Defination

After conducting research, I summarized the problem into three main aspects and compiled important information I acquired through research that can aid in resolving these issues.

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3. from strategy to solution 

Example ​1 : item detail page

User interviews revealed that item detail pages are crucial for social boutiques, and their sales heavily rely on high-quality self-taken photos rather than professional models. Therefore, it's vital to design a thoughtful presentation method that highlights these materials in the most flattering way.

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Example ​2 : checkout flow

Based on feedback from our development partners, we've identified a high dropout rate, resulting in potential sales loss and partner dissatisfaction. After analyzing our site's data, we discovered that most dropouts occur during the checkout process.

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Prior to the initial launch of the redesign, I identified some structural issues with the potential to cause confusion, however, due to time constrain we can only implement them in a second launch.

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4. the outcome

  1. The redesign was well-received by PMs and other stakeholders.

  2. By implementing the new design, we were able to x3 (triple) the user checkout rate.

  3. We also see a significant reduce in user complains.

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