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entrepreneurship as activism

To me, activism is about arousing people’s thinking about a certain problem and ultimately initiate social change. An entrepreneur can also achieve that. There are a lot of under-represented problems existing in the world. And there is a large market behind all of them. What entrepreneurship as activism do is to address those problems. 

Designing for good and designing for commerce is not necessarily oppose each other. And it is the same for entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur can bring social value and success in business at the same time. Entrepreneurship as activism is able to achieve a larger impact than many activism do because it has the help of capitalism. With the help of money it’s able to grow bigger and faster.

The reason why an entrepreneur success is that it fulfilled unfulfilled need. The difference between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as activism is what kind of problem this business is solving, does it create social value by solving this problem?

However, it is a problem whether an entrepreneur will keep its activistic cause after gaining economical success. Because in the capital market, an enterprise pursues profits, especially when it reaches a certain scale, it becomes much more difficult to choose between profit and its activistic cause.

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Make living alone not alone

For us who live alone, there are many inconveniences in our life, especially cooking alone.

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How to make a diverse meal without too many leftovers when you are cooking alone?


1 cabbage = 3 meal


more diversity = more leftover ingredient


more leftovers = more food wastes

entrepreneurship as activism: Projects is a co-cooking community for those who cook for themselves.

"Carpooling" for grocery shopping, where you can shop together and share materials

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Step 1

Choose a shopping session near your location. Register through our about this service and schedule a consultation.

Step 2

Split into smaller groups of 2-4 and shop together.

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Step 3

Record what each of you buys and split the goods and bills.

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Other Features

online workshops; online forum; online store

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