Framing User Experience

CONTEXT: Group UX research project

Collaborators: PoD Class of 2022


The Outcome


A design brief is formulated in this research project to instruct students in the IxD department to design an App that can be used as a prop in movie "the Game" (1997). In this movie, Nicholas Van Orton, the protagonist went through a game experience provided by CRS. The whole experience is made by a serial of seamlessly planned events designed base on the NVO's history and personality. The aim of this APP is to help CRS's actors to better coordinate and complete their tasks.




To better understand the system in this film my classmate and I make this ecosystem diagram. The system is divided to four layers based on Nicholas Van Orton, the Nicholas Van Orton’s perception on CRS (the company that provides the gaming experience). It demonstrate how NVO's relationship with others changes will his perception on CRS changes.


Other classmates created this journey map based on touchpoint NVO had with others.

Map 1.png
Map 1.png