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"Lighten" the lamp

CONTEXT: 2D & 3D Design


Lighten: Bio


After 2020, we can really see a possible future of remote working. But without human interaction, it will be a problem how to make the environment less immutable and depressing. How might we help people that works alone to build a more joyful environment, to design the room they love?


"Lighten" is a lamp with a supporting APP that can help people build an environment they love with custom lighting and projections. It can be used to create a joyful environment as a break from work, or be used to project post-it notes to be more efficient at work.

Lighten: Features

"In the end, I realized that "Lighten" can be used in more ways than I initally planned. It evolved form just a product, into a tool. What it do is not to build a joyful environment, but to help people build whatever environment they want and feel comfortable in it."

Lighten: Quote

"Lighten" comes from a personal experience of working alone. After working alone for a long time, everyday starts to feel the same and you will be dying for a change. And what can change the feeling of a room more than light do?

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Lighten: Pro Gallery

"Lighten" is a lamp that accompany you when you are working at your desk. You can use it to change your environment within just a minute. By changing the settings, it can project bright colors or cute stickers onto your desk to accompany you.

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Lighten: Image

An app is used to control this lamp. You can use this app to create new lighting modes, apply modes to your lamp or even share your modes with you friends.

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Search, select and change your lighting environment.

Lighten: About


Change color, add text and stickers.

Lighten: About


Share lighting environment with friends.

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User Testing & Insights

  • After talking to target users, I realized what people lack the most in remote working is spontaneous interaction when people bump into each other in an elevator and start a conversation.

  • In "Lighten" besides changing your own lighting environment, people can also share their lighting environment with others to feel connected.

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Use Case

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Feeling lonely and bored

Apply cute stickers or some inspirational quotes to your desk to motivate you.

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Feeling ready for work

Project more sustainable post-it notes with your today's agenda to your desk.

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Mood for sharing

If you are in a mood to connect with your friend and keep each other company while working separately, then just share your mode with them.

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