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CONTEXT: Group Design Project, University of Nottingham
ROLE: User Research, Prototyping, Modeling & Rendering
TIMELINE: 7 Weeks (2019. 03)


The outcome


In this project, our group was asked to design a commercial exercise-bike. After rounds of research we were attracted by the rich experience a spin-bike class could provide and decided to design based on three factors that a spin class experience is made up of, environment, equipment, and training. Swing is a commercial spin-bike that provides users with an unforgettable experience. Making this spin-bike capable to swing from left to right enable users to preform more movements on it. Adding a gaming system based on these movements makes the whole exercise experience more immersive and attractive. When spinning, different movements will be projected on the screen in the front of the room, and scores are being tracked while users perform movements accordingly.


Illustrations by Jingwin Zhu

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The Challenge


The biggest problem with going to the gym is that it's hard to stick to it, and so is using an exercise bike. How to design an exercise bike to make the whole exercise bike experience a experience users want to last.




Exercise Bike Market



more professional

more intense

used for classes

better road simulation



safer and easier to use
more stable
used for individual exercise
magnetic controlled flywheel


Recumbent Bike

safer and easier to use
back support
senior citizen friendly
less pressure on joint


User Research


Exercise-Bike Users

Gym Managers

Spin Class Coach


Problem Statement


The major difficulty for work out is hard to persist. By integrating energetic atmosphere (music&lighting), professional but also easy-to-use equipments and coaches, spin classes is able to provide users with an engaging experience. However, according to our research, although most of the spin class users find spinning more interesting than other physical activities, they still feel reluctant very often. As for non-spin-class users the current spin class experience is still not interesting enough. How might we upgrade this experience to be more attractive through the three lenses (environment, equipments, training)?




Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping.png

Concept Development


After a few brainstorm sessions and piles of sketches, we decided to design a spin bike that provides the users a competitive atmosphere to motivate participation. The spin-bike will be able to swing from left to right to enable more gestures. An embedded gaming system will perform roles of both the coach and atmosphere builder.


Sketch Model




Material and Manufacture

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