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The forgotten women in China
& their first contact with social media

This is a 7-week group project at SVA.

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A 60-year-old fan who said she was in love with actor Jin Dong caused public outcry earlier in China. This fan claims to be in a relationship with "Jin Dong." According to her, Jin Dong not only loves her but also says that he will marry her. To marry Jin Dong, the nearly 60-year-old female fan, gave up her family and ran away from home. This does not only lead to financial fraud but also the break-up of a family.
After the investigation by Tik Tok (China), it turns out that 5000 fake celebrity accounts are tricking these women, only on Tik Tok.

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Low Education Rate

61.5% of elderly women live in the countryside of Shandong, China is uneducated, according to the population census in 2010. 

Family oriented life

A victim of this fraud said her children are busy, husband is indifferent. Even if you live under the same roof, there is no emotional communication. You just live and work mechanically, serve your husband and children, and run the whole family smoothly is the most important thing in this life.

Lack of internet experience

Due to the low price of cellphone, many people that are unfamiliar with the internet now all have access to it. However, the sudden exposure to the internet makes them extra vulnerable as they are unfamiliar with how the internet runs.

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The Old System

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A new system

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Part 1. Responsible content committee

The responsible content committee is an independent organization supervising social media companies. This committee rates each social media company’s behaviour based on their criteria.


  • The authenticity of information on the platform

  • Misleading message on the platform

  • The authenticity of advertisement and merchandise on the platform

  • How platform deal with disinformation


  • Regular investigation using AI

  • Source tracking of information

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Part 2. Education system

晓励 is an online education platform that focuses on helping women who are recently exposed to cellphone and social media.


  • Short video platform operation / disinformation identification

  • Legal knowledge popularization / legal aid

  • "Beautiful countryside”, selling agricultural products online

  • Experience sharing platform

  • Reporting system

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