Unauthorized Collab

Service Design

Unauthorized Collab believes that fashion products should not be created only for a small number of people. We “collab” with various brands to taylor DIY kits which include patterns, materials and instructions to guide you in making any fashion item.


How might we use piracy as a tool for the redistribution of power between designers and consumers.


When piracy was a mainstream phenomenon in China’s cellphone industry in the 2000s century, usually piracy company will make modification to the original design to compete with them.

Some of those designs appeared during that time may look crazy, but some of the features do end up in today’s  cellphone, for example apple now support dual sim card, but the idea comes from those crazy cellphone design. 

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Can we use piracy as way to critique current design? Can customers use piracy as a channel to express their point of view?



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Final Prototype

A kit that includes different materials essential to creating a fake designer item and, most importantly, a designer logo that you can add to your fake designer items.

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Service Design


First, scan the QR code near the entrance.

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A handbook will pop up, including a category of products you can build.

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After choosing a category like bags, you can determine what kind of bags you want to DIY.

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It will then lead you to the patterns and materials you will need to make the bag. You can refer to the pattern or improvise to create a unique designer bag.

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Then you can go through our store for the material we will be needed.

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Our staff will pack everything you selected into a handbook for you to take home.

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 Then you can start making!

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