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Outworks is an underground flash market for creators to sell their works on the street. Learning from the way vendors on Canal St selling bootlegs, outworks creates an exciting but safe experience for customers to purchase the creation they desire while offering an inclusive place for creators to showcase and sell their creations.


Can DIY be a profession for everyone?

Let’s take a look at how pirates in real life are selling their products!


Bootleg vendors on Canal street have their unique way of selling merchandise. To hide from the police, they will print out a menu of fake luxury bags. If any customer is interested in any of the bags, they will go to their vans and pick them up for the customer. During that time, customers will be waiting for them on the street, wondering when they will be back.

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Can we transform the anxiety of waiting into excitement and create a memorable experience for buyers and a space for creators to sell their works?


The Experience

How does it work?


In outworks, you will need a code to enter the market. That code will be disturbed through the internet.


It will only tell you the rough location of the market. And you will need to use our navigation system to find out the exact location of the market. You will also see stickers on the street to help you navigate the process.


It will notify your arrival once our GPS senses you have arrived. And you will be seeing stickers telling you here is the entrance.


Near the entrance, you will see buyer stickers to wear, to show that you are a qualified buyer.


Then you will start to see stickers with QR codes on them. Once you scan it, it will direct you into the individual seller's marketplace.


And please remember, this is a timed experience. The whole market will disappear after a time limit.


After selecting the items you want to see, you will be directed to a timer showing when the seller will get back to you.


When they get back, you will be able to identify them by the stickers they are wearing.


Instagram Campaign


User Flow

Seller Side APP


User Flow

Buyer Side APP


User Testing & Results

I'm working on user testing with potential sellers and buyers to validate this concept.