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I design APP and experience

User experience is the key! It is not just what happens during the experience that matters, good designers care about the whole process from before to after. I believe a good design should have a positive impact on people's lives, whether it brings a memorable experience or can actually solve people's problems.

I design APP and experience: Service


Outworks, an underground flash market for creators to sell their works on the street. Learning from the way vendors on Canal St selling bootlegs, outworks creates an exciting but safe experience for customers to purchase the creation they desire while offering an inclusive place for creators to showcase and sell their creations.



In this project, our team worked on a topic about young women's mental wellbeing and how it's influenced by social media. During the research, we realized that what young women experienced on social media is a "feedback loop", where they consistently seek out content that makes them feel good but being exposed to more harmful content and finally stuck in that loop. And we create a prototype called Instabrace to help them break away from the loop.



"Lighten" is a lamp with a supporting APP that can help people build an environment they love with custom lighting and projections. It can be used to create a joyful environment as a break from work, or be used to project post-it notes to be more efficient at work.

I design APP and experience: Services
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