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I design product and experience

With a background in industrial design, I have always seen a passion for designing products that we can touch and feel.
I believe that making sure every user has a delightful experience is what matters the most.

I design product and experience: Service

VODA water filtration system

"VODA" features a unique water filter system where each filter is different based on each user's geographic information to provide them with water best suits their demand.


Masterly tool collection

Before famous designers' chairs became design symbols, they were all designs for utility to bring comfort to people's lives. Has the design industry gone so far that it worships famous designers more than people's need?



"Lighten" is a lamp with a supporting APP that can help people build an environment they love with custom lighting and projections. It can be used to create a joyful environment as a break from work, or be used to project post-it notes to be more efficient at work.

I design product and experience: Services
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