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I'm Zekun Yang,

[Zeh-koon] You can also call me Z.

I'm a product designer based in New York City who is passionate about democratizing design and building inclusive solutions.

I believe in the power of embracing a subversive, adventurous, and creative mindset to challenge and transform existing systems, ultimately creating a more inclusive and user-centered creative industry.

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Featured Projects

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Product Design

One Market aims to empower small boutiques by building an easy and accessible e-commerce solution. The ultimate goal is to lower the bar of selling and make e-commerce more inclusive.


Product Design (Speculative Project)

How can we enhance overall user productivity and ensure seamless communication across diverse channels?

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Product Design

Led the dashboard system redesign process for a client to monitor NPS and other customer experience related data.


Product Design

Outworks, an underground flash market for creators to creators to showcase and sell their creations on the street. 

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Product Design

Can we use piracy as a gateway to critique the fashion system? Unauthorized Collab believes that fashion products should not be created only for a small number of people.


User Research

In this project, our team worked on a topic about young women's mental wellbeing and how it's influenced by social media. 


Industrial Design

VODA's vision is to facilitate access to clean and safe drinking water by creating a water filter system that uses what you already have: your geographic location, your local water source, and your existing pitcher. 

Learn more about me and my other projects.

About Me
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