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Pirate of the good

Thesis Projects from Product to Service

This is a thesis about pirates and piracy. Designers hate piracy. We were told pirates are the natural enemy of designers and the corruption of this industry. Nevertheless, I still decided to choose piracy as my topic because I believe that we have to challenge what we believed in order to make changes.

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Design Research Project with J&J Design, SVA

In this project, our team worked on a topic about young women's mental wellbeing and how it's influenced by social media. During the research, we realized that what young women experienced on social media is a "feedback loop", where they consistently seek out content that makes them feel good but being exposed to more harmful content and finally stuck in that loop. And we create a prototype called Instabrace to help them break away from the loop.


Counting On

Co-creation Workshop with Royal Collage of Arts

This is a co-creation project by Zekun and sailor Peng. Through limited emails and sketch sessions, Zekun worked with a sailor who is constantly trying to kill time on his 8-month sailing trips. Zekun found his perception of time opposite to the norm of trying to make more time in the city life. Together they made a device that can count down from 8-month to 0 or from 0 to 8-month - an attempt to count on each precious day.



Product & UI/UX Design at SVA

"Lighten" is a lamp with a supporting APP that can help people build an environment they love with custom lighting and projections. It can be used to create a joyful environment as a break from work, or be used to project post-it notes to be more efficient at work.


VODA Water Filter System

Product Design & Branding at SVA

"VODA" features a unique water filter system where each filter is different based on each user's geographic information to provide them with water best suits their demand.


User experience dashboard

UI/UX Design at BeBit

A top cell phone company in China working with BeBit to monitor their user experience data and improve their customer experience. There are seven services in their company that need monitoring. My role is to rebuild the online monitoring system based on the previous design.

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Tutu Pestle

Product Design Project at SVA

What will happen when a product is designed by letting its form takes control of function? A pestle called Tutu was designed in this project, starting from an abstract composition that contains three volumes, one plane, and one line.


Living Pixels

Arduino Making Project at SVA

We like to endow smart products with human names, but we rarely treat them with dignity as living beings. What if they do have personalities that are ignored by us.


Swing Spin-bike

Product Design Project

Swing is a commercial spin-bike that provides users with an immersive experience. Making this spin-bike capable to swing from left to right enable users to perform more movements on it. Adding a gaming system based on these movements makes the whole exercise experience more immersive and attractive. When spinning, different movements will be projected on the screen in the front of the room, and scores are being tracked while users perform movements accordingly.

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The Backstreet

Typography and Brand Identity at SVA

The backstreet is a night food market that opens at the back street of Nottingham University, Ningbo. The booths here don’t have any license and a food market is not allowed by the university. That why this market can only start at around midnight. It’s the guilty pleasure of all university students. Thousands of students come here to find their favorite comfort food after cramming for exams.

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Work: Services
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